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I discovered Paradise Landscaping over four years ago when I relocated
to my new home, and they proved to be the complete solution for all my
landscaping needs. They did a masterful job creating a complete
landscape redesign of the front and built a beautiful retainer wall
with matching mailbox. They created a new landscape design for the
back and re-built the foundation for my pond. They installed exterior
LED lighting surrounding the house, underground irrigation and
drainage. They have master arborists on staff as well who maintain
my trees on a yearly basis.

Now we have a symphony of color and beauty throughout the year, and the
peaceful harmony of the pond that provides our family with many hours
of relaxation and enjoyment.

As I have recommended Paradise Landscaping to many of my friends who

nowuse their services; I recommend them to you.  They provide the best
value with the combination of their price, craftsmanship and attention
to detail.

I get many compliments on my house from people passing by and when
they ask who does your landscaping, the answer is simple: PARADISE

~George Zizmont
  Newark Delaware



Whenever need I landscaping services, I always call Paradise Landscaping.

They are dependable, trustworthy and understand our needs. We always

recommend them as the best service in Wilmington, Delaware.

~Joseph Swipes 

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